Laurent P. Berger, born in 1972 and Cyrille Berger, born in 1975, both live and work in Paris (France)

No tears for the creatures of the night is one of the few built environments on the Biennale itinerary: a secret chamber by architects Berger&Berger, whose work seeks to explore the interstices in which new territories are revealed.  The work houses a radiophonic piece created by Michael Fano in 1981, based on a short story by Alain Robbe-Grillet, read by actor Michael Lonsdale. The architectural installation is a variation on the ground plan for the Sonsbeek Pavilion by Aldo Van Eyck (1966), originally conceived as an open-air sculpture museum. The labyrinthine space is transformed by the pure, elegant lines of Hungarian artist Marta Pan’s Stele 200 (1992), refreshed by Untitled (1955) from André Bloc – a passionate defender of a new synthesis of the arts in the wake of the neo-plasticism of the 1920s – and enriched by the balanced tension between the totemic form and modern lines of Hommage à Brown (1988-1990) by Etienne Martin, a leading figure in 20th-century sculpture. The ensemble constitutes a dense system of simultaneous relationships between physical, artistic and cultural objects, activated by the viewer’s displacement.  

Produced with support from Roosens Bétons and MOOS licht

Produced thanks to the extreme reactivity of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon


 ©Guillaume Ziccarelli

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