Camille Norment


Born in 1970 in Silver Spring (United States), lives and works in Oslo (Norway)

Camille Norment’sartwork blends sound, installation, light sculptures, drawing, performance, and video, all united by a preoccupation with socio-cultural phenomena and their contexts of production. She seeks to engage the viewer as a physical and psychological participant in the work and as such, is interested in creating experiences that are both somatic and cognitive. The musical piece composed for her installation Prime mixes and superimposes several registers of vocalisation. The result, which is atonal rather than melodic, borrows from Tibetan throat singing, the mantras of Buddhist meditation, as well as the moans and groans of African-American gospel choirs. The vibrations of the sound waves pass through the body. It is a phenomenon that favours the sense of touch as much as hearing but still leaves open the possibility of a contemplative moment that requires us to listen intently. The sound piece gradually metamorphoses: at times it is almost painful, at other times it is harmonious; its physical proximity maintains the intensity. In the words of the artist, "the body is a locus where different forms of knowledge converge. That knowledge is the manifestation of the information gathered by the body, consciously or not, through the awareness that comes from sensory experiences, thus creating our own spaces of sensory knowledge."




Avec le soutien de Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Ambassade Niva2 Fransk

Avec le soutien de l’Ambassade Royale de Norvège


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