Carole Douillard


Born in 1971 in Nantes (France) where she lives and works


Dog life – unfolded pictures, 2017

Taken between 2014 and 2016, Carole Douillard's images provide us with a sensitive mapping of a country that she experiences as both near and far. They bring face to face her idea of a "return to the old country" and the reality of a country (Algeria) torn between its desire for change and the status quo of a familiar situation. The photos in the corpus, which the artist has selected from several hundred, are like those pictures that people keep between the pages of a book, in the back of a wallet, or in a jacket pocket, and that we only need to take out to be reminded of a whole other world. From the landscapes of Kabylie to those of the urban conglomerations left only half modernised by war and years of terrorism, Carole Douillard presents the illustrated narrative of a story that is still struggling to be written – beginning with her own – where the happy shouts of family reunions mingle with the cries of horror from the "black" years. Dog Life is a story of bodies and the difficulties they have to express themselves in a society that increasingly takes upon itself the duty of controlling them.


©Sylvain Duffard

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