Japonese artist collective formed in Tokyo in 2005

Black of Death, 2007-2013


Based in Tokyo, the artists’ collective Chim↑Pom was founded in 2005 and is considered one of the most prolific groups on the contemporary Japanese art scene. In performances, videos and installations, their work is a satirical take on questions that remain unanswered in the cities of Fukushima and Hiroshima. Their video Black of Death follows one of the members of the collective, as she carries a stuffed raven and a megaphone around, attracting flocks of crows as she comes and goes through symbolic places in Tokyo like the Parliament. The perception of the everyday environment is modified: birds that one is used to seeing every day create a sense of anxiety here. This strange video, which has a touch of humour about it, is also a withering criticism of Japanese society and its reactions to natural disasters.

After the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear power plants' incident, the number of crows in evacuated area in Fukushima increased. Chim↑Pom went to Fukushima to shoot new versions of Black of Death in evacuated area.

Courtesy of Artists and MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo


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