Eduarda Emilia Maino, dite Dadamaino


Born in 1930 in Milan (Italy), died in 2004


Eduarda Emilia Maino, a.k.a. Dadamaino, was a contemporary of emerging movements in the European avant-garde, which were to have a lasting impact on the history of art. She played a part in everything from the first Spatialist manifesto, to the birth of the N and T groups in Italy, ZERO in Germany, Equipo 57 in Spain, the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel (G.R.A.V.) in France and New Tendencies in Zagreb. In the 1950s, the work of Lucio Fontana (who became her teacher) was a crucial influence on her personal researches. During the same period, she created her first Volumi – elliptical forms cut from the canvas, which is transformed into a frame for space as a whole. Dadaimano’s work is a radical gesture in an era focussed more closely on the physicality of artworks, full of structural models striving for infinity, a quest that fuelled her exporations to the end of her life.

Centre Pompidou, Paris – Musée national d’art moderne collection


©Vittorio Pigazzini

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