David Tudor


Born in 1926 in Philadelphia (United States), died in 1996

American composer, David Tudor began his career as a pianist. He became known as the leading performer of avant-garde pieces and gave the premiere of John Cage’s notorious silent composition 4'33''. He started working with Cage in 1948 and the collaboration lasted until Cage’s death. David Tudor was fascinated by the spatial movement of sound in space and by technological innovations. He created the Music for Magnetic Tape Project, a pioneering group for improvised electronic music. His work Rainforest V (Variation 2) (1973-2015) is an ecosystem of objects that completely immerses the visitor in sound. Each sculpture sings, croaks, clicks or rings, playing its own score before resonating again in the exhibition space, which acts as amplifier, and entering into a happy cacophony that becomes a collective noise. This group of heterogeneous objects echoes the great diversity of the flora and fauna of the natural world breathing and resonating in a state of constant agitation - a forest of sounds.


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