Davide Balula


Born in 1978 in Vila Dum Santo (Portugal), lives and works in Paris (France) and New York (United States)


Artist and musician Davide Balula harnesses all forms of natural matter (solid, liquid, gas, fire) as well as manmade structures (architecture, sound compositions, and virtual networks) to generate paintings, sculptures, photographs, performances, and site-specific interventions. But it is the passage of time that really generates Balula’s work: he has soaked canvases in streams, buried them underground or placed them in climate chambers, and he has created sculptures that evolve according to the spectators' Internet flows. Performance and collaboration also pervade Balula's art, generating moments of sharing that are full of openness and generosity.

For the Biennale, Davide Balula is working with American poet Mei-mei Berssenbrugge to create a work inhabited by words, in which individual “signs” are given visual or plastic expression, however slight.


With backing from the gallery frank elbaz, et Gagosian, Paris



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