Elisabeth S. Clark


Born in 1983 in England, lives and works in Paris (France) and London (England)

Discreetly and delicately, Elizabeth S. Clark begins stories that she leaves open. A literary work, an anecdote or a situation can be the starting point of her performances, scores or installations: the loss or the concealment of an object, a release of balloons, and a series of instructions ... The musical nature of her poetry gives rhythm to an alternation of appearance and disappearance. For the Biennale, Elisabeth S. Clark reactivates several installations and performances: one is a spark kept alight for more than twelve hours, tracing a slow, uninterrupted trajectory across the entire exhibition space; another involves visitors having to walk through a pool of glitter, and inevitably carrying some of them away with them. Her works have a fleeting quality that remains firmly in the mind.


Avec le soutien de Fluxus Art Projects


© Luke Aaron Clark, Courtesy de l'artiste

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