Fernando Ortega


Born in 1971 in Mexico (Mexico), where he lives and works


Flute concert film, 2017

Mexican artist Fernando Ortega’s poetic explorations are fuelled by fortuitous encounters and banal occurrences: discreet water leakages on an exhibition site, the theft of a colony of hummingbirds, or electrical short circuits caused by insects. On a river in Veracruz, Fernando Ortega invented an unforgettable work, Music for a Small Boat Crossing a Medium Size River, for which he asked Brian Eno to compose a piece of music that would only ever be heard by people riding in the boat of a music-loving ferryman as they cross the river. In the same spirit as that project, he devised a musical work. In the Jules-Verne wind tunnel in Nantes, Ortega filmed a solo flautist arriving in an empty space, installing his instrument and score, and beginning to play Kazuo Fukushima’s Requiem. In this particular space, normally used for testing the resistance of materials to climatic variations, the musicality of the work was subjected to the variations in the force of the wind.

With backing from SAM Art Projects and CSTB – Soufflerie Jules Verne


©Fernando Ortega

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