George Brecht


Born in 1926 in New York (United States), died in 2008

For George Brecht, "the most important events are those little things that happen in the street." George Brecht was closely connected with the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, to which he made significant contributions. He was a researcher, an artist and an inventor. As a founding member of Fluxus, Brecht formalized the idea of "Event” by inventing the Event Score, simple instructions for performing the "Event", publicly, privately, alone or in a group. As part of his retrospective in Lyon in 1986, Brecht instructed the Museum to create Void. The work is a boulder about eighty centimetres in diameter that the artist asked the Museum team to find "on the banks of the Saône or Rhône”. After obtaining his agreement, it was then to be engraved on its centre, in an appropriate typeface, with the word "VOID" - a poetic oxymoron for an inescapable physical presence, associated nonetheless with great lightness.

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