Jean Arp


Born in 1886 in Strasbourg (France), died in 1966 


La Poupée de Demeter, 1961
Feuille se reposant, 1959
Bourgeon, 1938
Pépins géants, 1937

Objets célestes, 1962

Jean Arp was a leading figure in avant-garde circles in the late 1910s, and a pioneer of Dada in Zurich. In 1910, Jean Arp invented his own, so-called “biomorphic” vocabulary, in close connection with his Surrealist contacts, though he never fully embraced the movement. At the Biennale, one painting (Objet celeste, 1962) and a series of sculptures are presented in the context of the environment created by Ernesto Neto who, inspired by the sculptor’s work, states that he “begins where Arp left off.” Each work represents generous, rounded organic forms which, though determinedly abstract, recall the curves of the human body or cells in motion. The poetic titles of Arp’s work (Demeter’s Doll, Winged Entity…) add to the mystery of their delicate, sensual forms.

Centre Pompidou, Paris – Musée national d’art moderne collection

Musée de Grenoble collection



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