Hans Richter


Born on the 6 April 1888 in Berlin (Germany), died on 1st February 1976


Ghosts Before Breakfast, 1928

German experimental artist and director Hans Richter made the Dadaist short film Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast) in 1927. Using stop-motion technique, the piece is a heterogenous series of surreal scenes, including everyday objects that suddenly take on lives of their own – clocks, bowler hats, a necktie, a pistol, a door, a fire hose etc. Several characters move about, disappear behind a lamp-post or stroke a beard that vanishes and reappears. Richter’s array of airborne objects had a profound influence on Japanese artist Shimabuku, who saw them as an expression of intense freedom.

Centre Pompidou, Paris – Musée national d’art moderne collection


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