Hao Jingfang & Wang Lingjie


Born in 1984 and 1985 in China, live and work in Mulhouse (France)

Art duo Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang create hybrid objects and environments. In Over the Rainbow, a rainbow created by light reflecting on the work’s iridescent surface is presented as a fleeting moment, to be captured. Visible only from certain standpoints, the arc moves with the viewer, then disappears. The resolutely minimalist installation underscores the delicacy of the apparition, and the sensory, meditative aspect of the work, focussing our attention on phenomena connected with the passage of time, shifting light, or the limits of human perception. All around, traces of lotus pollen evoke a contrasting, cyclical sense of time. Lotus pollen is the “male” component of the plant’s reproductive system, the essence of its future germination, but also its fossil: that which remains when the rest has rotted away, and which is capable of surviving for thousands of years. Historians and paleobotanists use pollens to analyse changes in the climate and species. Pollen also symbolises immanence, and the Buddhist concept of the three stages of existence: the past, present and future.

With generous backing from Cristallerie Saint-Louis



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