Ján Mancuska


Born in 1972 in Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), died in 2011 in Prague (Czech Republic)

Ján Mančuška was born in 1972 in Bratislava and died prematurely on 30 June, 2011 in Prague, where he lived. He was one of the most renowned contemporary creative artists in the Czech Republic and his work took several forms: installations, films, performances and literary objects. Some of Ján Mančuška's works are related to the mechanisms of memory and perception and are based on creating a tension between words and images or the architecture of a place. Others are more narrative and are sourced in personal and political events but also in stories of everyday life, which the artist re-enacts, interrogates and re-uses as one might a ready-made object. Oedipus is part of a series of works composed of letters that cross the exhibition space. The spectator is invited to follow the narration of three texts, each aligned on a thread, dealing with the relationship between a character, his girlfriend and his mother. As in a film where time frames intersect, each line of text presents a different personal take on the same story, but in a different time frame.

Collection Centre Pompidou, Paris - Musée national d’art moderne


©Courtesy Meyer Riegger

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