Jorinde Voigt


Born in 1977 in Frankfurt Am Main (Germany), lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

Drawings and large format collages, lines and writing, ink, watercolour and gold leaf are omnipresent in the works of Jorinde Voigt. Her works develop a visual grammar which accommodates thoughts, scientific data, meteorological phenomena and also velocity. Although Jorinde Voigt explored the medium of photography at some length, it was with a feeling of remaining on the surface of the image; with drawing, however, she seeks to make the process of creation visible. By removing the boundaries between science and art, the artist analyses the structures of cultural motifs and of highly diverse natural phenomena in order to represent the world through its hidden parameters and to reveal the simultaneity of possibilities.
For the Biennale de Lyon, the artist presents the last chapters of her work Song of the Earth which combines visual art and music. The drawings for Song of the Earth, inspired by Gustav Mahler's symphony of the same name, reveal the direction of the rotation of the Earth as well as the number of rotations per day. Her work becomes a musical transcription for performers, who have complete freedom in the way they interpret the score, which means that they can begin the performance at any point in it, with improvisation and creative rhythmic structures.


Song of the Earth. Chapter I: Radical Relaxation (I) bis (VII), (Stress + Freiheit), Sloterdijk / Rousseau, 2016

Jorinde Voigt conceives her large-format calligraphies as musical scores, and some of her works are indeed designed to be performed by musicians. Voigt prefers to describe her work as writing rather than drawing, further highlighting the proximity between her practice and musical notation. The undulating trajectories of her lines, and the coordinates of her inscriptions, are graphic translations of an eclectic set of references, such as algorithms, and the rotation or movements of celestial bodies. Jorinde Voigt’s work is suffused with the chaos of this world. The artist is currently completing the final chapters of her symphonic Song of the Earth, inspired by Gustav Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde. Tidal or invisble flows, meteorological phenomena, movements in the Earth’s crust: her seismographic writings reveal a world of hidden forces, rhythms and beauties.

Jorinde Voigt’s work is presented at macLYON and the Sucrière.

With backing from the Gallery Koenig, Berlin


©Joerg Alexander Reichardt

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