Julien Discrit


Born in 1978 in Épernay (France), lives and works in Paris (France)

67/76 takes as its subject and setting the former “Expo 67” site in Montreal, and in particular the geodesic dome designed for the occasion by Buckminster Fuller. The project is rooted in a physical and pictorial exploration of the event – the 1967 World Expo, entitled “Man and his World” – which forever marked the city and its residents’ imagination.

The project is meant as a parenthesis in time, between the year 1967 – when the Expo and Fuller’s geodesic dome opened – and 1976, when a major event occurred: the dome was partly destroyed by a fire. So: a parenthesis in time and history, but also in social and political affairs, through questions raised by the Expo. The film, which centres on a “reconstruction” of the fire, aims to highlight the issues that came to the fore at the turn of the decade: lifestyle, and our relationship with our environment and nature in general. Buckminster Fuller cited these issues in Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, a book he wrote in 1967 and which remains acutely topical, so clearly does it set out the challenges we now face.


Produced with backing from the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, and the Lafayette Anticipations – Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, Paris.


Avec le soutien du Cnap


©Olivia Grandperrin

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Julien Discrit

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