Lara Almarcegui


Born in 1972 in Saragosse (Spain), lives and works in Rotterdam (Holland)

Whether through restoration or decline, Lara Almarcegui seeks to shine a spotlight on derelict urban spaces. The 85 m3 of clinker (mâchefer in French)  that constitute her work of the same name came from the destruction of the gateway of Halle Girard, a disused boiler factory built in 1857. It is located some 200 metres from La Sucrière, on the other side of the Lyon peninsula (the Presqu'île), and was part of the now almost invisible industrial past of the Confluence area. Clinker is the fused residue of coal combustion, and its re-use in urbanism projects was particularly common in the Lyon region until the 1990s. This double local connection – the industrial identity of the district and local use of this waste product – is a typical example of the acuteness of Lara Almarcegui's views about geographical, urban or architectural specificities: "In a context where most architects and many artists are busy saying that all places are the same, I am doing the opposite, maintaining that all places are different from one another, a terrain 200 metres away from another one is different and of course one town is not the same as the neighbouring one.” Lara Almarcegui is also in residence with Veduta / Lyon Biennale.


Avec le soutien de Acción Cultural EspañolaAC/E, Madrid 
ACE Graf



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