Lars Fredrikson


Born in 1926 in Stokholm (Sweden), died in 1997

Lars Fredrikson seeks to link space and sound in order to create "plastic sounds". Drawings and sculptures with explosives, "soundboards with random movements", recorded signals and sounds materialising on electro-sensitive paper, stainless steel sculptures too, are all used as possible ways to achieve them. Lars Fredrikson, who is something of an adventurer and a researcher, attempts to transcend the boundaries of his art by encouraging spectators to conduct their own experiments. Combining kinetic art, minimalism and conceptualism, Lars Fredrikson distorts the real with his engraved and folded stainless steel plates and takes visitors on a journey through science and poetry.


©Lars Fredrikson - Estate Courtesy Galerie In Situ - fabienne leclerc, Paris & Lars Fredrikson-Estate

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