Marcel Duchamp


Born in 1887 in Blainville-Crevon (France), died in 1968


De ou par Marcel Duchamp ou Rrose Selavy (la boîte-en-valise), 1966

À l'infinitif (la boîte blanche), 1967

The Large Glass and related Works with Nine Original Etchings by Marcel Duchamp, 1967

La Mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires même (la boîte verte), 1934

Marcel Duchamp’s Boîtes (“Boxes”) present a series of anthologised reinterpretations of his prior work. The different versions include reproductions of pictures and (occasionally) sculptures in miniature – including ready-mades – together with the artist’s own exploratory notes. Each anthology is intended to be “read” both as a work in its own right, and as a commentary on pre-existing pieces. Encased and enclosed, the miniature models of Duchamp’s celebrated Fountain urinal or his glass bulb Paris Air suggest a poetic, fractal vision of his oeuvre. The polyptych arrangement of panels and documents prompts a back-and-forth play of references, too: from the original work to its reproduction in miniature, and from the artist’s preparatory notes to his catalogue raisonné.

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