Maria Nordman


Born 1943 in Görlitz (Lower Silesia, now Germany)


Lyon, 1987, 1987

Artist Maria Nordmann’s work Lyon, 1987 presents two chairs in association with the shifting light of the sun. Each chair can be dismantled. One, in stainless steel, reflects the light, while the other, in black-painted wood, absorbs it. On the exterior, either side of the installation, mirrors are positioned so that they capture the light of the sun throughout September, between noon and five minutes past noon, as reflected on every floor of the museum housing the piece. Created for macLYON but installed here in a section of the Musée des Beaux-arts, the work may be displaced within the urban landscape, around public fountains, inviting passers-by to sit and contemplate the scene. Visible for five minutes per day in September (provided the sun is shining), the piece exists in space as a whole, thanks to the external mirrors which reflect it to the cosmos.

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