Melik Ohanian


Born in 1969 in Lyon (France), lives and works in Paris (France) and New York (United States)

Between science, philosophy, astrophysics and visual arts, Melik Ohanian explores and, in various media, transcends the material aspect of the work. Ohanian takes inspiration from various film techniques and contemporary projection techniques to work on the status of the image and the concept of time. For the Biennale, Melik Ohanian gives us a new project, a blend of film, choreography, temporality and architecture: “Those to-ings and fro-ings of time, those reminders of the past, those projections into the future, or the recall to the present, - they are the permanent state in which each one of us lives our private life. Sometimes in my work, the past takes precedence, sometimes anticipation does. Perhaps an exhibition is a matter of finding a certain stability in time ...” Melik Ohanian


Borderland – I Walked a Far Piece

Melik Ohanian’s work Borderland – I Walked a Far Piece is conceived in a marginal, de-territorialised territory, on a floating New York rooftop, lit by a nocturnal bonfire: the fascinating experience of a representation disconnected from time - a new huis clos. Bordeland is an open stage on which the artist presents characters from Rudolf Wurlitzer’s novel Flats, leaving them to get on with their lives in the present, mingling their travellers’ tales with those of other characters, migrants whom no one wants to take in anymore. Over the course of a single night, when the lights of the electric city seem to have gone out, Melik Ohanian weaves a resonant tapestry of fragmented rhythms, Beat poetry and the nomadic lives of these celestial vagrants.


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