Molly Davies


Born in 1944 in Kansas City (USA)


David Tudor’s Ocean, 1994

In the 1960s, experimental film-maker Molly Davies worked for extended periods with avant-garde artists such as John Cage and David Tudor, on multimedia performance projects. The installation David Tudor’s Ocean is a portrait by Molly Davies of David Tudor executing the work Ocean in 1994, with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, in Amsterdam. Dancers in the piece move to the music created by John Cage, describing a circle in space that gives palpable expression to the infinity of sound contained within the ocean. Three screens show three successive performances of Ocean, while three others show Tudor at work. Devised and written by Cunningham, with John Cage, the concerto version of Ocean was based on Tudor’s electronic score, which was also played by John Adams, together with an orchestral score by Andrew Culver, and Cunningham’s choreography. Molly Davies describes the installation as a meditation across six screens, on a piece of music created in parallel with Cunningham’s choreography for Ocean.

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