Nairy Baghramian


Born in 1971 in Isfahan (Iran), vlives and works in Berlin (Germany)


Dwindler_Updraft, 2017

Nairy Baghramian exploits the architectural narratives of the museums where she exhibits, to interrogate the status of sculpture and its role in institutional scenography. Her sculptures all contain intentional references. From the formal language of minimalism to surrealist juxtaposition or interior decoration, Baghramian makes play with the delicate relationships created between elements that should never normally be combined. For the Biennale, Nairy Baghramian has chosen to exhibit Dwindler_Updraft, a mysterious pipe-like sculpture that recalls both a medical stents and a water slide. Standing against a column, Dwindler_Updraft is so carefully constructed that it seems to have been designed for the place; the bluish reflection of the plastic mixes with the metallic colour of the armature, like the evanescent prosthesis of the industrial building in which it is exhibited with such discreet ambiguity.

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