Ola Maciejewska


Born in 1984 in Poland, lives and works in Paris (France)

Born in Poland, Ola Maciejewska is a young choreographer and performer who lives and works in Paris. At the age of eight, she left her hometown to train as a classical dancer at the National Ballet School in Bytom, before leaving Poland for the Netherlands, where she attended the Rotterdam Dance Academy then the University of Utrecht. COSMOPOL is Ola Maciejewska’s first film. Watching COSMOPOL is like communicating with the ghost of Maya Deren, acknowledged as one of the greatest American experimental film artists of the first half of the twentieth century. In her film, Ola Maciejewska reactivates memories of a nightmare she used to have as a child. She is in the role of a ghostly character, a kind of anti-hero who fails to dance in a space without gravity. COSMOPOL was shot in 16mm and super 8, to exploit the unpredictable quality of a medium that, once the camera is rolling, records all the mysteries of the world.

During the Lyon Biennale performance weekend (14-15 October 2017), Ola Maciejewska is presenting choreographic research she has been developing since 2011 around Loïe Fuller, the American pioneer of modern dance.



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