Philippe Quesne


Born in 1970 , in Paris (France) where he lives and works



It is a refuge, a primordial den, the abandoned madness of an amusement park, a post-apocalyptic emergency habitat, an underground territory emerging from the darkness of the basements. The cave dreamed up by theatre director Philippe Quesne for Welcome to Caveland! seems to be stranded in the exhibition space. It is an organic environment, the stage of a band of strolling players without the players. All by itself, it has turned into a vast, animist, collective body that breathes, and into which the visitor can enter – a plastic ecosystem in the ‘dark ecology’. "To make the human body disappear requires us to concentrate on something else: matter, lights, movements, space", says Philippe Quesne, because "doing theatre also involves reinventing possible spaces".



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