Richard Buckminster Fuller


Born in 1895 in Milton (United States), died in 1983

Engineer, artist, architect and visionary inventor, Richard Buckminster-Fuller was the author of many innovations – both theoretical and technical. In the 1950s, he popularized the geodesic dome, a spherical structure that allows a balanced distribution of the structural stress and is easy to build. In the same anticipatory vein, he designed new, aerodynamic modes of transport as well as cheap and ecologically sound designs for individual dwellings that are still valid today. His ambitious, humanistic perspective, which combined design, poetry, science and philosophy, proved to be a major influence in the establishment of alternative communities. Buckminster-Fuller's Radome, from the collections of the Pompidou Centre, which houses Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s artwork, is a perfect example of his desire to combine purity of form with use by the community at large.

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