Robert Barry


Born in 1936 in New York (USA), where he lives and works

As a major conceptual artist, Robert Barry occupies an important place on the cusp of visual art, poetry and philosophy. After studying several physical phenomena in experiments with electromagnetic fields, inert gases and ultrasonic electromagnetic frequencies, Robert Barry now works with words and thoughts, which he scatters or projects onto various supports, including paper, canvas, mirrors, the wall or the floor.
His work, Love To, allows the viewer's subjectivity to become a constituent element of his work. The conceptual, universal and impalpable properties of those two words lead to a multitude of interpretations, ideas and concepts according to the visitor's imagination and experience.
“I use words in such a way that they are emptied of meaning, and of course the only way to empty something of its meaning is to present it in all its possible senses.” Robert Barry

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