Robert Breer


Born in 1926 in Detroit (United States), died in 2011

Rug, 1969

Rug, 1966

Rug, 1965

Float, 1970-2000

Float, 1970


Painter, sculptor and filmmaker Robert Breer has spent an entire career building up a playful, atypical, stimulating oeuvre. From experience of geometric abstraction and animated films, he invented sculptures in motion in the 1960s, which were displayed, in 1970, in the American Pavilion at Expo 70, in Osaka. Thanks to small invisible wheels, his Floats and Rugs move imperceptibly within the exhibition space in a discreet, random ballet that lies somewhere between indiscipline, weightlessness, gliding and fluidity. They are slightly raised and seem to float, to be drifting, changing direction at the slightest obstacle they encounter. Because of their autonomy, they make fun of minimalist sculpture and the reverential nature of an exhibition.


©Ruud Jonkers

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