Susanna Fritscher


Born in 1960 in Vienna (Austria), lives and works in Montreuil (France)

Susanna Fritscher’s installations, which are always designed to closely fit the architecture that houses them, demand acuity of perception on our part. The transparent materials she uses, such as glass, acrylic film or Plexiglas, modulate the light intensities of the space in which they are exhibited and the viewer is encouraged to physically experience the variations – and to become lost in them.

For the Biennale, Susanna Fritscher fills one of the three silos at the Sucrière with a work that reveals the flows and resonance of this vast, round industrial volume. The installation, with its propellers, produces different sound pitches due to the movement and speed of the air. A second, impalpable replica of the architecture seems to appear side by side with the first, as if somehow the work had duplicated the space. “We hear the measure of the room: the space of the silo is revealed through its intrinsic acoustic properties, the flox and spread of the vibrations” (Susanna Fritscher).


This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Phileas, the Forum Culturel Autrichien and the Chancellerie fédérale d’Autriche

Phileas Signet Schwarz  Bundeskanzleramt Oesterreich RGB




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