Terry Riley


Born in 1935 in Colfax (United States)

In C Music Score, 1964

American composer Terry Riley is hailed as one of his country’s greatest exponents of contemporary music, along with Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams. As a collaborator with La Monte Young, Anna Halprin and the Kronos Quartet, Riley is acknowledged as the founder of minimalist repetitive music, notably thanks to his work In C. Composed at a time when Riley was aspiring to create a new musical form connected to the visual arts, the work consists of a series of 53 motifs. There are no rules fixing the number of repetitions the orchestra may perform, nor its instrumental make-up: the result is a piece of music that is both meditative and organic.  In the words of English musician and academic David Toop, Riley is “able to create music on the spot and … keep it open.”




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