La Salle de bains


1 rue Louis Vitet

69001, Lyon


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John Armleder : "À rebours"




After bathing in the alternative waters of the Fluxus movement, John M Armleder turned his quizzical attention in the 1980s to abstraction and the notion of modernity, using appropriation and quotation. In addition to drawing, performance and painting, John M Armleder has developed a composite practice in his installations, in which found objects are integrated into deliberately abstract paintings, thus demonstrating the complexity of relationships that a work of art is likely to set off. For the Salle de Bains, John M Armleder is working on a three-stage project.


Open Wednesday to Saturday, 3pm - 7pm
Opening night Friday 15 Sept. 6.30pm


© John Armleder, 2017


From Sat. 16 Sep. to Sat. 23 Dec. 2017

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