Wall Drawings 2


69000, Lyon


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Wall Drawings 2




In the exhibition Wall Drawings, ten artists from around the world were invited to work on the walls of the Musée d’art contemporain de Lyon, as well as in more than twenty venues in Greater Lyon in 2016. Now, Wall Drawings 2, curated by the artist Seth (alias Julien Malland), gives us an amazing trail, running between the Museum and the Sucrière during the Biennale de Lyon – above ground (on windows in the Cité Internationale) and underground (in the Lyon Parc-auto car park). The chosen international artists combine tradition and modernity, both in their technique and their sources of inspiration (coproduction Biennale de Lyon / macLYON). 


From Wed. 20 Sep. to Sun. 7 Jan. 2018

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