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Abraham Poincheval

Born 1972 in Alençon (France),
lives and works in Marseille (France)

The performances of Abraham Poincheval involve exploring the world and experimenting with time, through singular living conditions. His inner journeys, whether mobile or static, are designed as expeditions where the body serves as a laboratory. At the Biennale, Poincheval will explore the cloud canopy. For the artist, being in this shifting skyscape is about exploring a borderless, unknown territory that humans have always contemplated, imagined and interpreted.

With the support of ESKER and Aéroports de Lyon / VINCI Airports
With the support of Galerie Semiose

Oeuvre d'Abraham Poincheval
Abraham Poincheval, Gyrovague, le voyage invisible, Automne 2011. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Nicolas Marquet