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Ashley Hans Scheirl & Jakob Lena Knebl

Respectively born in 1956 and 1970 in Salzburg and Vienna (Austria),
live and work in Vienna (Austria) and Berlin (Germany)

Ashley Hans Scheirl and Jakob Lena Knebl make solo and joint works that explore issues of gender, identity and economics. Ashley Hans Scheirl’s experimental films and videos as well as paintings that verge on sculpture and performance seek to question the concept of identity de/construction through operations following the formula “trans-gender, trans-media and trans-genre”, as she puts it. Jakob Lena Knebl is working with these topics through art, design and fashion and, ultimately, on how they can be transformed through these disciplines. The two artists combine forces to create new work for the Biennale, in collaboration with the unisex fashion label known as House of the Very Island’s Club Division Middlesex Klassenkampf But The Question Is Where Are You Now?. Their project is inspired by various sources: the grimaces of comedic actor Louis de Funès, Modernist design, Dark Romanticism paintings along with 1970s aesthetics and Glam Rock. In an uncanny and parodic spirit, their installation located in a pit within the Fagor factory interrogates the dark side of social standards and neoliberal economics.

This project was produced in cooperation with Phileas – A Fund for Contemporary Art and legero united | con-tempus.eu
This exhibition is also presented with the support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery
With the support of Forum Culturel Autrichien and supported by the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program with funds from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany
With the assistance of ATC Groupe, Media Print, Brochier Soieries and Boisard Production School supported by Total Foundation
Acknowledgements : Oliver Ottenschläger and Georg Petermichl

Ashley Hans Scheirl & Jakob Lena Knebl, La Poupée, le Doigt d’ Or et les Dents : Fou de Rage (détail), 2019. Courtesy des artistes et [of the artists and] Galerie CRONE, Berlin ; Georg Kargl Gallery, Vienne [Vienna] ; Belmacz Gallery, Londres [London] ; Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris. © Blaise Adilon