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Bianca Bondi

Born 1986 in Johannesburg (South Africa),
lives and works in Paris (France)

An alchemical artist, Bianca Bondi conceives constantly mutating ecosystems that evolve through her chemical operations and a sprinkling of magic, assisted by the moon’s powers and the purifying properties of salt. Bianca Bondi began by investigating the past of the Fagor factory, which only recently ceased operating and still retains both visible and invisible scars. Rather than seeking to obscure this painful episode, she employs it to pay tribute and to transform these negative energies into positive vibes. Occupying a semi-closed space on the site, she reconstructed a kitchen, both literally and figuratively. In this familiar and domestic landscape encrusted with a fine mantle of white salt, objects such as sink, glasses and saucers are filled with colourful chemical potions that keep on pouring. During the Biennale, they gradually change colour and appearance as they evaporate.

With the kind collaboration of University of Lyon 1
With the assistance of Perene

Bianca Bondi, The sacred spring and necessary reservoirs (détail), 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] VNH Gallery, Paris ; Galería José de la Fuente, Santander. © Adagp, Paris, 2019. Photo : Blaise Adilon