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Bronwyn Katz

Born 1993 in Kimberley (South Africa),
lives and works in Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa)

Bronwyn Katz is interested in the near-invisible frontiers that separate communities in the same space. Her fragile sculptures, knitted at great length and comprising materials that sometimes bear the marks of a past life, speak of the collective memory that underlies territories. In the Fagor Factory, Katz’s installation spreads forth from floor and ceiling, like a luxuriant bush. Crafted in metal wire and steel wool, it refers, says the artist, to Lyon’s industrial landscape, while also referencing a site of rock carvings near the city where she was born.

With the support of blank projects
With the support of Boisard Production School supported by Total Foundation

Oeuvre de Bronwyn Katz
Bronwyn Katz, kx (ii), Wire, 2019. © Bronwyn Katz et blank projects