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Bureau des Pleurs

A collective set up in 2018 as part of postgraduate work at ENSBA Lyon, and based in Lyon (France)

Bureau des Pleurs (roughly translated as “Department of Tears”) was imagined by Carla Adra, Romain Bobichon, Fatma Cheffi, Sophie T. Lvoff, Lou Masduraud, Irène Mélix and Maha Yammine in collaboration with François Piron, coordinator of the postgraduate programme at the National Fine Arts School (ENSBA) in Lyon, where these artists met. The collective — with its slogan “we know the future of this place” — is occupying a former administrationdepartment office in the Fagor factory. Using clues about the site’s recent activity and the words of local residents, Bureau des Pleurs is envisioning a potential future where new poetic and political functions are beginning to take shape. Bureau des Pleurs has enacted many reappropriations: slowly bringing entropy to a space taken over by sand, repurposing the furniture found on site and the whistling of the machines, but also disseminating “lift music,” a style of instrumental music originally intended to maintain and even surreptitiously quicken the rate of production. And lastly, who is this idle young woman haunting the empty factory, and spied on through a curved mirror that was used, back in the old days, to surveil the assembly lines?

With the support of ENBSA Lyon

Bureau des Pleurs, Bureau des Pleurs (détail), 2019. Courtesy des artistes [of the artists]. © Blaise Adilon