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ESCIF & n3m3da

Everyday landscapes


Escif was born in 1980 in Valencia (Spain),
lives and works in Valencia (Spain)

n3m3da was born in 1979 in Rome (Italy), lives and works in Valence (Spain)

Escif’s practice continues a history of wall painting, questioning the “wall” as it is understood architecturally, politically and conceptually. To his mind, the web lets words circulate but the freedom of this speech is restricted by “virtual walls” – the frameworks of social media. For Veduta, Escif and IT activist n3m3da have conceived a network that enables residents to interact in an autonomous, anonymous way. Entitled MULE, the project refers to the long-lived peer-to-peer platform eMule and applies its principles of being free to use and allowing unlimited data transfers. This artwork, which fosters sharing, is intended to reactivate free-expression walls and spaces located at the Fagor Factory and in several towns.

With the support of Acción Cultural Española, AC/E, Madrid

Oeuvre d'Escif
Escif, La Ficción no es delito (Secret Wall), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018. © Escif

Practical info

Fagor Factory
Place Guichard, Lyon 3e
Jardin Pré-Gaudry, Lyon 8e
Quartier des Collonges, Saint-Genis Laval
Université Lumière Lyon 2, Bron