Everyday landscapes


Escif was born in 1980 in Valencia (Spain),
lives and works in Valencia (Spain)

Escif has created many murals worldwide. His projects stem from his investigations of the sites where he works, defending the autonomy and power of the people who live there. Immersed in the Mas du Taureau district, Escif wants to capture the everyday dynamics of its residents and users, to make visible a language different from the one that usually occupies public space. If walls are boundaries that condition relationships in cities, the artist thinks that creative acts such as writing or drawing on them are faults and perspectives that renew our common space. Walls must therefore be (re)conceived as free and autonomous. “Art [as a channel] that enables horizontal communication between people” thus lays bare, on the neighbourhood’s walls, the relationships and stories that are played out there.

Oeuvre d'Escif
Escif, La Ficción no es delito (Secret Wall), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018. © Escif

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Spring-summer 2019
Public presentation from summer 2019