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Felipe Arturo


Nomadic landscapes


Felipe Arturo was born in 1979 in Bogota (Colombia),
lives and works in Bogota (Colombia)

An artist with a background in architecture, Felipe Arturo draws on urban planning, history, economics and geography in his practice. Thoughts of Caffeine is a journey through the coffee production chain, from growing the beans to consuming the drink. For Veduta, Arturo is partnering with the residents of the Velette district and with the trainee joiners and cabinetmakers at Lycée Professionnel Georges Lamarque. Their discussions will give rise to roaming architecture and collective installations, intended to help devise a common use for an old square that is currently being refurbished. In the former Fagor Factory, a body of works will depict the historical nomadism of this plant, which, once its seeds have been cultivated and processed, becomes a vehicle for socialising and meeting up.

Oeuvre de Felipe Arturo
Felipe Arturo, Thoughts of Caffeine, preliminary drawing for Rillieux-la-Pape, Lyon, 2018. © Felipe Arturo

Generously supported by SAM Art Projects.
SAM Art Projects resident artist.

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Practical info

Spring-winter 2019
Public presentation from summer 2019