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Fernando Palma Rodriguez

Born 1957 in Mexico City (Mexico),
lives and works in Milpa Alta (Mexico)

The world is electronic, so Fernando Palma Rodriguez animates his precarious installations using the robotic systems he long tweaked as an engineer. The artist conjures a shrewd mixture of surreal choreographies and references to pre-Hispanic cosmogonics, which echo the landscape’s current destruction by capitalist man. Living in the Milpa Alta region southeast of Mexico City, Rodriguez has founded Calpulli Tecalco, a nonprofit organisation devoted to preserving Nahuatl, his native language. In Nahuatl, objects are considered as people, so you are sure to become great friends with the magic works of this indigenous artist, who brings to the Fagor Factory a vibrant shifting landscape composed of children’s dresses, flying clothes-irons and clapping hands.

Dessin préparatoire de Fernando Palma Rodriguez
Fernando Palma Rodriguez, Preliminary drawing, 2019 © Fernando Palma Rodriguez