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Isabelle Andriessen

Born 1986 in Haarlem (Netherlands),
lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Applying notions from the fields of chemistry and physics, Isabelle Andriessen disrupts the distinction between human/ non-human, living/non-living, creating what she describes as “zombie materials”. She makes a new series of sculptures that perform a metamorphosis during the four months of the Biennale, creating an uncanny landscape. The sculptures behave like organisms infected by a strange virus, or like eerie mutants from a hypothetical future; they parasite, perspire, melt, metabolise. These hybrid life forms make up an unsettling and speculative ecosystem that moves beyond control.

With the support of Mondriaan Fonds, the Royal Embassy of Nederlands and with the kind collaboration of Lyon 1 University

Isabelle Andriessen, Terminal Beach, 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste [of the artist]. © Blaise Adilon