Jenny Feal

Born 1991 in Havana (Cuba),
lives and works in Lyon (France)

Jenny Feal’s poetic and fragile work fuses chance events with private, public, personal and political tragedies. Her often simple installations chiefly employ natural materials such as clay, paper, leaves and wood, which she combines with personal items that give an account of living conditions in Havana and the city’s history. Her sculptures and installations usually evoke difficulties for the individual to construct himself in an environment where political isolation is amplified by his island confines.

With the support of
Fonds de Dotation Buchet Ponsoye, Galerie Dohyang Lee, Fondation Brownstone, Fonds de Dotation Thibault Poutrel, Monsieur Frédéric Lorin, Gilles Blanckaert-Alizée, Monsieur Roger Herrera Gutierrez, Association ARTICHOK, Libraire and Galerie Michel Descours

With the assistance of Artesylve, Rotin Filé, Établissement Corne & Cie, Centre Gallieni Villeurbanne.

Jenny Feal, Pienso que tus versos son flores que llenan tierras y tierras (détail), 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste, de la Biennale de Lyon 2019 et (of the artist, the 2019 Lyon Biennale and) Galerie Dohyang Lee, Paris. © Blaise Adilon