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Josèfa Ntjam

Effervescent landscapes


Josèfa Ntjam was born in 1992 in Metz (France);
lives and works in Paris (France)

Josèfa Ntjam belongs to this generation of young artists who grew up with the Internet. Her work forms a narrative: each fragment, performance, installation, video and photomontage is a sensory clue to the world around us. Taking as a startingpoint her immersion in the urban tempo of the Cité des Étoiles and the Canal Thorez districts in Givors, she and the residents imagine other possible worlds through objects, readings and performances that bring together all kinds of stories – fictional, futuristic, mythical, marginal, political, dissident, insubordinate – where the body is no more and plants are rebelling!

With the assistance of Grain de Couleur/Valtex Group
In partnership with the ceramics department of the ENSBA Fine Arts School in Lyon

Oeuvre de Josèfa Ntjam
Josèfa Ntjam, Ifa 3.0 Beta, photomontage, 2019 © Josèfa Ntjam

Practical info

Spring-summer 2019
From 28 Sept. ti 26 Oct. 2019
Accessible during the openin times of La Mostra
Wednesdays and saturdays 3:00pm-6:00pm

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