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Julieta García Vazquez et Javier Villa

Telluric landscapes


Julieta García Vazquez & Javier Villa were born in 1978 in Buenos Aires (Argentina);
live and work in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

In the Cités Sociales district of council housing near the Fagor Factory, Julieta García Vazquez and Javier Villa are holding a dialogue with the local fabric through a collective and collaborative project. For several years now, they have been imagining actions that sway between a necessary response to a social and environmental situation, and the emergence of utopias. The Argentinian duo have devised a social fiction in the form of a secret society, whose actors are local residents, the artists and scientists working in the neighbourhood, and the pupils of the lower secondary school nearby. Together, they are taking part in a new way of circulating knowledge and sensory experience specific to the Gerland district.

Oeuvre de Julieta García Vazquez et Javier Villa de Villafañe
Julieta García Vazquez et Javier Villa, Untitled, 2019 © Julieta García Vazquez et Javier Villa



Tuesday 17 Sept. and Saturday 21 Sept.

Around the large square in the Cité Jardin housing estate

Practical info

Lyon 7e
Spring-autumn 2019
Events and other public situations,
July-September 2019