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Le Peuple qui manque

Collective founded in 2005 by Kantuta Quiros & Aliocha Imhoff,
based in Paris (France)

A People Is Missing is a curatorial platform working at the intersection of contemporary art, the social sciences and activism. Having proposed a “Constitution Migrante” and “Le Procès de la Fiction” (The Trial of Fiction), they have envisioned for the Biennale a “Parlement des traducteurs” (Parliament of Translators) inspired by the theories of Bruno Latour, a thinker on chains of translation, mediation, expanding the recognition of subjectivities, and subjects of the enunciation. How might a translational eco-diplomacy be devised? Once this is done, can one say “I” instead of non-humans? What does it mean to form an assembly from thought that eschews hierarchy and presupposes that all the world’s entities have equal dignity? These are some of the questions that the voices convened to this assembly will raise.

Le peuple qui manque, Et que demandent-t-ils ? À y devenir quelque chose, 2019. Courtesy des artistes [of the artists]. © Blaise Adilon