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Le Peuple qui manque

Collective founded in 2005 by Kantuta Quiros & Aliocha Imhoff,
based in Paris (France)

Le peuple qui manque [A people is missing] is a platform working at the intersection of contemporary art and research. For this project, Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quirós further explored their interest in the scenography of knowledge: they asked several philosophers, historians and poets what would happen if, after an environmental revolution, parliaments were opened up to non-humans as well. In a fragment of a stage-play set borrowed from Philippe Quesne, this installation raises different questions: what would happen if plants, stones, objects and animals officially went into politics? If the Estates General of 1789 were updated; if there were a period of instability, not directed solely against privileges, but so that all agents — the multiplicity of beings that inhabit the world — could participate? In such a case, what procedures would there be? What forms of representation, translation, citizenship, sovereignty and diplomacy?

Contributors : Mark Alizart, Yves Citton, Joanne Clavel, Emanuele Coccia, Jacques Demarcq, Marielle Macé, Virginie Maris, Corine Pelluchon, Jacopo Rasmi, Anne Simon, Camille
de Toledo, Sophie Wahnich

Le peuple qui manque, Et que demandent-t-ils ? À y devenir quelque chose, 2019. Courtesy des artistes [of the artists]. © Blaise Adilon