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Lenka Clayton & Jon Rubin

Respectively born 1977 in Cornwall (United Kingdom) and 1963 in
Philadelphia (USA), live and work in Pittsburgh (USA)

The works of Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin transform the rules and norms of everyday life, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and the absurd. For the Biennale, they have devised a platform where the rhythms of art, magic, work and the quotidian overlap. The exhibition attendants, trained by a magician from the neighbourhood to pull a rabbit out of a hat, rehearse the trick daily on a stage provided for this purpose. By swapping their attendant’s uniform for a magician’s costume, each day at a time of their choosing, they experience a temporary transformation of their public identity.

Oeuvre de Lenka Clayton et Jon Rubin
Lenka Clayton et Jon Rubin, Fruit and Other Things, 2018. Courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh © Photo : Bryan Conley