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Lenka Clayton & Jon Rubin

Respectively born 1977 in Cornwall (United Kingdom) and 1963 in
Philadelphia (USA), live and work in Pittsburgh (USA)

The works of Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin transform the rules and norms of everyday life, extending the familiar into the realms of the poetic and the absurd. Notably, in 2017, the artists collaborated on an ambitious project entitled …circle through New York, which travelled along the path of an imaginary circle and mixed the various activities of the Guggenheim Museum, a pet shop, a performing arts high school, an institute for the study of the ancient world, a church and a Punjabi TV station. For the Biennale, they are creating a platform where the rhythms of art, magic, work and everyday life overlap. The exhibition attendants, trained by a magician from the neighbourhood to pull a rabbit out of a hat, rehearse the trick daily on a stage provided for this purpose. In swapping their attendant’s uniform for a magician’s costume, each day at a time of their choosing, they experience a temporary transformation of their public identity.

With the participation of the Veduta team and magicians from the integration project Veduta / Biennale de Lyon

Acknowledgements : Anne-Marie Pupier, Christian Zeppa and the attending team of the integration project : Fatou Bamba, Casimir Bonnel Omari, Ling Curty, Chimène Gbading, Ouafa Ghrissi, Alexandrine Guerrier, Maya Khalaf, Yacob Okbanderias, Jean-Marc Vurbier

Lenka Clayton & Jon Rubin, The Grand Illusion (détail), 2019. Courtesy des artistes [of the artists]. © Blaise Adilon