LYL Radio

Radio station set up in 2014 in Lyon (France),
based in Paris and Lyon (France)

An independent music radio station on the web, LYL was founded in Lyon in 2014 and, since 2016, also streams from a Paris studio. It is an experimental collective project that remains “in a deliberately floating state, somewhere between amateurism and consciousness.” Beyond its webcast programming, the station produces events, concerts, club nights, sound installations, meetings and more in order to investigate, understand and connect with all fields where sound is present. In addition to its team of volunteers, the station encompasses 180 regular programmes presented by record sellers, label bosses, DJs, musicians, academics, collectors, to develop a schedule that spans the whole musical spectrum — ancient and contemporary. For the Biennale, LYL interprets works created by other invited artists, linking them to an array of audio practices. Reports, investigations, discussions, playlists, live studio performances and webcasts of projects (whether created by, featuring or independent from Biennial artists) tell other stories while establishing fresh associations, increasing ways to approach the works.

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