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Malin Bülow

Born 1979 in Jönköping (Sweden),
lives and works in Oslo (Norway)

Malin Bülow develops her work through two main components: elasticity and fluidity. Always site-specific, her installations are made with flexible, though seemingly rigid, materials that are stretched into monumental sculptures, creating tension between the venue’s architecture and setting and the traditional representations of bodies in classical sculpture. “Activated” by dancers, performing inside textile membranes that both conceal and hinder them, acting as extensions of their skin, Bülow’s elastic sculptures become performative still lifes — compositions that change almost imperceptibly, akin to the slowness of their movements. Like giant umbilical cords, her large sculptures extend the limits of the dancers’ bodies until they melt into their host architecture, and vice versa. This equivocality around the body, its borders and norms, is at the heart of the artist’s work. For her Biennale installation, she also plays with the ambiguity between living and nonliving, incorporating several sculptural objects in addition to bodies.

With the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) and with the kind collaboration of Lyon CNSMD.

Malin Bülow, Elastic Bonding (détail), 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste [of the artist]. © Blaise Adilon