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Megan Rooney

Born 1985 in Toronto (Canada),
lives and works in London (United Kingdom)

In her work, Megan Rooney features characters with often grotesque and vulnerable bodies, which are materialised as site-specific murals, paintings, sculptures, installations and performances. Her works engage with materiality and the human subject, and they are deeply invested in the present moment: the festering chaos of politics with its myriad cruelties and the muted violence of our society. Inspired by the Fagor factory’s past activities, Megan Rooney created an installation gathering sculptures, assembled from found objects and materials. These sculptures form what the artist describes as “a kind of mechanical body that references the site itself. The absence of the workers, their redundancy, gives birth to this clan of characters — left in a kind of limbo, performing a memory dance.”

With the support of Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris
With the help of Dutel SA and INCURVA

Megan Rooney, In the Hullaballoo of Midnight (détail), 2019. Courtesy de l’artiste et [of the artist and] DREI, Cologne © Blaise Adilon