Minouk Lim

Born 1968 in Daejeon (South Korea),
lives and works in Seoul (South Korea)

Minouk Lim’s protean oeuvre – a blend of sculpture, sound and performance – is inspired by the recent transformation of her country, South Korea. For the Biennale, she has devised a hot water spring that winds through the spaces, conveying costumes influenced by the patterns of traditional Korean hemp costumes, which were re-appropriated during the Japanese Occupation. Floating on the water, these costumes, originally used only for funeral rites, revive both the collective memory and the stillvivid memory of the Fagor Factory, where washing machines were being manufactured just a few years ago.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea (MCST), Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), and the Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA) programme
With the assistance of Centre Culturel Coréen

Oeuvre de Minouk Lim
Minouk Lim, Exhibition view Mamour, Tina Kim Gallery, New York. Courtesy Tina Kim Gallery, New York © Minouk Lim